Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Whether you are Pregnant or not, healthy diet is always recommended. Now it’s time to feed you and  your little munchkins belly with healthy and nutrient rich food. During Pregnancy you are in need of a lot of nutrients and adequate amount of calories for the growth of your baby. Here is the sample healthy menu for a day and you can change fruits/vegetables and snacks depending on your palate for every other day to get full nutrients.

Early morning snack or nausea snack

3 whole wheat crackers (or) one graham cracker.


1/2 cup cinnamon flavored oatmeal

1/2 cup fresh organic strawberries

1 cup 2% fat reduced milk (almond or soy milk)

6-7 unsalted nuts like almonds or pistachios

Late morning snack

1 medium apple and pita chips with hummus


Fresh vegetable salad with grilled /roasted chicken breast

1 cup of grapes( or any fruit of your choice)

Mid noon snack

1 toasted whole-grain muffin with 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter.

1 banana


Baked Tilapia or meatloaf

1 cup brown rice or half pesto pizza

steamed broccoli or roasted spring asparagus

Night snack

1 cup chocolate milkshake or fruit smoothie of your choice.

The above healthy menu provides almost all the nutrients needed for you and your baby.