Morning Sickness

What is a Morning Sickness??

Almost all pregnancy women experience nausea at their first few months of pregnancy which is called Morning sickness. That being said nausea may affect at any time of the day due to the hormonal changes. It exists mostly for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and it will get better once the pregnancy progresses.

Is Morning Sickness Good???

Some theory says morning sickness is good for you. It’s the way of making sure that toxins stayed far away from the baby. So if you get morning sickness ,you should count yourself as lucky (Really!!!). Unfortunately, it is uncomfortable but you should take it as a sign of healthy and normal pregnancy. Not all moms experience this as it depends upon their body condition.

What causes Morning sickness??

There is no theory for the exact cause of morning sickness ,but the following might be one of the reasons that it happens

a) Hormones

When you are pregnant your body produces a lot more hormones. The hCG hormone doubles every 2 days for the first 10 weeks or so. Progesterone also positively increases. Plus, you have got extra estrogen, oxytocin, and relaxin hormones. These are some of the hormonal changes that make you nausea/drowsiness in the morning.

b) Deficiency in vitamins B12 and B6

Again ,given that many mothers find relief from morning sickness by intentionally eating foods rich in B vitamins or taking B vitamin supplements but there is no scientific proof for that. whatever the underlying cause, B6 as pyridoxine appears to be the most effective treatment available to reduce morning sickness symptoms.

c) Low blood sugar

This theory seems to be true but its kind of a symptom and not a cause.

d) Magnesium deficiency

Even those who eat a healthy nutrient dense diet can have a hard time getting enough magnesium in our daily fare. You don’t have to do a lot for that. Eating a varied diet and drinking mineral rich water gives you that.

Even if you don’t have magnesium deficiency before getting pregnant, you can still get one soon thereafter because of the excess flood of pregnancy hormone in your system. That’s because those hormones compete for magnesium with the rest of your body! Progesterone for example, requires both magnesium and vitamin B6 for its synthesis. And as estrogen levels rise, it actually prevents the absorption of magnesium.

Treatment for Morning sickness

1.Vitamin B6 supplements

2. ginger candies or ginger cookies or ginger ale.

3. saltine cracker

4. prenatal vitamins

5. supplementing with magnesium oil

Do not take these medications on your own without first talking with your doctor. Certain medications, supplements, or herbs may cause harm to your developing baby.