How much Breastmilk for Newborn

We all know breastmilk is essential for the newborn. But we always ended with the questions like how much my want? Am I giving enough amount? How to know whether the baby is getting enough milk? Lets see the facts

How much milk does my baby belly can hold?

Your newborn has a tiny tummy and only needs a small amount of breastmilk at a time for the first few days. For the day 1, your newborn can hold about 6 ml of breastmilk and from the day 3, your baby can hold upto 26 ml of breastmilk. Around day 10 your newborn can take up to 60 ml of milk. It may vary slightly with each babies but don’t push or overfed the newborn as they are having tiny bellies.

How often should I feed my baby?

Your newborn needs frequent feedings to grow and feel full.So Breastfeed your baby at least 8-12 times every 24 hours.

How do I know my baby is getting enough breastmilk?

  • Weight gain:  Normal newborns lose up to 7% of birth weight in the first few days. The average breastfed baby gains 6 oz per week.So go for weight check up after first week to make sure that the baby is getting enough milk.
  • Dirty diapers:  Look for two diapers from day one and 4 dirty diapers after day 4.
  • Wet diapers:  In early days baby has one wet diaper and when the mom milk comes in, you expect up to 6 wet diapers a day.

Do I need to wake my baby?

As the newborns have tiny tummies you have to feed them often. Doctors usually suggests to give milk/formula every 2-3 hours. An average healthy baby use to wake up on their own but if the babies are having longer sleep like 4 hours continuously you need to wake them up. Here are the tips to wake your baby

  • Change your baby’s diaper.
  • Try to undress your baby and place them in your chest and skin to skin contact.
  • Massage your baby’s back in a circular motion.
  • Stroke his feet and hands.
  • Wipe his face with a damp cloth
  • Put a little colostrum or milk in his mouth.


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