Pregnancy Basics

What is Pregnancy?

Its simply the Evolution of life!

How the Process takes place?

Female fetuses have Oocytes in their ovaries from their birth,which will eventually mature into eggs. At birth,a baby girl has roughly 1-2 million eggs, though they will be pared back to only about 300,000 by the time she has her first period. The remaining immature eggs hang out in the ovaries until puberty, then bursting out through ovulation as part of menstruation cycle. A trip down the fallopian tubes is lucky for only few as hundreds of them are reabsorbed into the body and never released.

Male in contrast release sperms. From first formation to ejaculation,sperm has been in man’s body for about 3 months. Sperm usually have a mob(moving) character. At puberty sperm begin to be produced by the testicles. They produce millions of sperm every single day.  It all just takes about 48 hours to form a sperm and two weeks for the sperm to mature,during which it gains the ability to swim(motility/mobility). During ejaculation 40-200 million sperms take off at a time,mixed in with fluid to create semen.

Now comes the fun part Sex!

During Intercourse, Sperm are ejaculated into the Vagina. The sperm then coagulates and only ten percent of the sperm survive to swim on.The sperm move along tiny tracts with the help of cervical mucus.As they progress, they shed their protective coating, which makes them able to penetrate an egg.

If the timing is right and an egg is on its way down fallopian tube while the sperm are swimming up it, whichever sperm wins the race gets to fertilize the egg.This will happen within a few hours of Ovulation.The first sperm makes the egg impermeable to other sperm and close their chance to win.Then starts the most wonderful and awaiting Pregnancy Period!