Pregnancy test

What is a Pregnancy test??

Pregnancy tests are usually a simple urine that shows whether the women is pregnant or not. When a fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, it releases a hormone called hCG. So the presence of hCG hormone in your body gives you the positive pregnancy test result.

When to take the test??

a) Missing period

This is the first and most reliable signs of pregnancy. Keep in mind that periods may be delayed due to other factors like stress, poor diet and other medical conditions. Most of the women have a 28 day menstrual cycle and you can take the test after one month of your missing period.

b) Cramps

c) Breasts hurt/ Breasts heaviness

d) When you feel nausea, frequent urination, abdominal pain or food aversion

e) If you feel so (Believe in your guts. After all you know your body more than others)

How soon we can take a test??

We know how exciting you want to take a test, but taking test soon after you miss the period may sometimes yield negative results. 1 in 10 women can have very low levels of hCG at the time of a missing period. Definitely fist time negativity can be upsetting and confusing. In general, pregnancy tests range in sensitivity from 10mIU/ml to 40 mlU/ml. The lower the number, the more sensitive the test, and the earlier it can detect pregnancy.

If you feel you are pregnant with missing periods and if you get negative results, don’t lose hope.  Try again in 3 or 4 days. hCG level increases day by day so you might get positive results during the second time.

A blood test can also detect hCG. Blood tests are more sensitive than urine tests and may detect pregnancy from about six days to eight days after ovulation.

How accurate is a home pregnancy test??

It depends upon

  • How closely you follow instructions.
  • When you ovulate in your cycle and how soon implantation occurs.
  • How soon after pregnancy you take the test.
  • The sensitivity of the pregnancy test.

How to take the test??

  • Hold the test’s stick in your urine stream.
  • Collect urine in a cup and then dip the test’s stick into it.
  • Collect urine in a cup and use a dropper to put urine into another container.


Best home pregnancy tests

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