Ways to calm a baby

Crying baby

It is normal for a baby to cry. Non stop crying is the most common reason that someone may shake an infant. Babies cry a lot and knowing the reason behind it makes easier to calm them.

How to soothe them

  • Make sure your baby is not hungry.
  • Make sure the baby’s diaper is fine.
  • Make sure that baby is not in a too warm or too cold environment.
  • Try to hug them with bare skin against your own.
  • Wrap baby with arms down in a light, cozy blanket and/or swaddle the baby.
  • Make a soothing lullaby or shushing sound louder than the baby’s crying.
  • Rock or walk the baby because the baby loves motion like rocking chairs,going in a car or walking in a stroller.
  • Encourage them to breastfeed or give them pacifier.
  • Burping the baby. Sometimes burping itself gives them a good relief.

How to avoid frustration of caring for crying baby??

  • Listen to soft music or lie down for a while ( making somebody to take care of the baby in that meantime).
  • Calm down, relax,breathe before returning to the baby room.
  • Do some exercise.

Try to understand why your baby is crying and if you don’t take the baby outing for a walk or a drive, which gives both of you to get some relaxation.